NFR-1 is a low-cost highly reliable launch system capable of cubesat and smallsat deployement at a rapid cadence. From conceptual design, the rocket system has been designed for large scale autonomous production to ensure the economy of scale necessary to support on-demand payload deployment to orbit. We aim to make space readily accessible for military, commercial and academic customers.

NFR-1 is a two-stage rocket that features a unique low-vibration smallsat delivery system. This reduces the high incidence of small satellite failures commonly observed in the launch market today. NFR-1 also uses a dual-bell engine design with a single turbopump to reduce the impact of combustion instability and simplify the engine arrangement.

The first and second stage propulsion systems and avionics packages have been designed to maximize reusability to reduce cost to the customer and provide better system reliability. The NFR-1 avionics package utilizes the AFSS (Autonomous Flight Safety System) developed by NASA Wallops. This reduces launch crew requirements and significantly improves safety.


Nominal Thrust (Sea Level) 55,000 kgf 121,000 lbf
Mass to LEO 200 kg 422 lb
Mass to GTO 96 kg 211 lb
Total Length 21 m 69 ft
Fairing Diameter 1.82 m 6 ft
Core Diameter 1.25 m 5 ft